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Photo Gallery

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Piping at the Boracay Gardens Resort

Posing with some tourists by the pool

Tuning up to play the Philippine National Anthem

Chatting with the Mayor of Davao City

Piping in the Procession at the Mayor's Inauguration

Celebration of Life for Thomas Forbes

Piping for Marcus Oppenheimer's Family

Piping at Step-Daughter's wedding

Volunteer Shuttle Pipes for Hospice House

Piping for the seniors on Burns day, 2008

Piping for the seniors on Burns day, 2008

Playing on the dock in Lund

Piping at the memorial service for Bruce Weatherson

Piping with Gord at the Kindale barbecue

Piping as the sun sets over the South China Sea

Piping for the natives of the Northern Philippines

Leading the Youth band in their first performance

Piping for the Lt. Gov. Iona Campanola

Piping with the Lt. Gov's banner on pipes.