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Learn to Pipe

It is quite an adventure to learn the bagpipes. I've had students as young as 8 years old and as old as 68 and all ages in between. I've taught men and women, boys and girls. It seems that there are no limits to the type of people who are interested in this fine instrument.

I've had students who were very motivated and learned to play in just a few months and some who weren't really all that interested and it took several years to learn. I've had a few who have dropped out because they didn't quite "fit in" to the piping world.

I charge $25 per lesson. Most times a lesson is about an hour, but on some occasions we have to go a little longer and sometimes 30 minutes or so is all that is required. In the beginning the lessons should be once per week, but later in the development it may be determined that every other week or even once a month is sufficient.

Leading the Pipes & Drums of the Arran Campbell Memorial Youth Pipe Band at practice It "GENERALLY" takes one year on the practice chanter before one starts playing the pipes but this really depends on the individual and how "keen" they are and how much practice they can put in each week.

If you become a student of mine, I would expect you to put in a minimum of 20 minutes practice each day, five days a week. More would obviously be better.

I'd be more than happy to discuss with you this great topic, PLAYING THE PIPES! CONTACT ME and let's get you started on your way to becoming a piper!

Students and Testimonials

Tuning Isaac's Drones"Last year my son, Isaac informed me that he would like to learn to play the bagpipes. At the enrollment session I met Don MacLeod who would be Isaac's instructor. Don was able to engage Isaac from the start and provided encouragement and support at every lesson. His skill on the bagpipes gave Isaac a target to work towards and his steady leadership, coaching and teaching abilities provided him with all of the tools that he needed to pursue his dream. Isaac is now a member of the Aaron Campbell Memorial Pipe Band and is even more enthused about the bagpipes than he was when he started. I have dealt with many music teachers over the years but Don MacLeod is everything that I, as a parent, and Isaac, as a student, could hope for."

Ted McRae

Don working with Ian "Our son Ian has studied the chanter and pipes with Pipe Major Don McLeod for the past three years. During this time, Don has provided a structured lesson for our son to learn these instruments. Not only is Don thorough in teaching proper technique and posture for the pipes, but his determination and sense of humour is helping our son become a piper.

With the creation of the Youth Pipe Band, Ian sees the connection to learning the instrument in a solo setting and then applying it to the group. This is truly a wonderful fit for any child inspired to experience the culture and background of this incredible music."

Ann Dorval
Music Specialist, Vernon School District
...and Ian's Mum.

Teaching Norm a new embellishment "Mature" Student takes up the Pipes!

Why would anyone take up playing the Great Highland Bag Pipes at the age of 67? Well, it started simply and innocently enough....with a conversation with one of the Kalamalka Highlanders Pipe Band members. Next thing I know, I have a practice chanter in my hand and I am at a band practice where band members take students of all (or absolutely no) ability under their wing. I had to be told to put which finger over what hole. It would seem easy, with only 9 notes but there were many adventures between that first lesson and the first tune recognizable by anyone. Originally, I wanted to learn a couple of tunes and be able to play them on a canoe trip I was to lead. That happened and I was about the worst bag piper around. However, over a short time and with private lessons from Don, his encouragement and that of the other band members, I can now play a few more tunes, many recognizable!

I am now looking forward to marching with the band, something that had never been in my plans. The pipers and drummers of the band are a new group of people and a new culture to me and really like to get into playing music for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. It is fun to be a part of all of this.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Playing a tune with Ron I have found Don to be a patient and motivating instructor. His knowledge of all aspects of piping and his methodical approach to instruction has made the learning experience easier for me as an older beginning piper.

Donís dedication to piping excellence gives me confidence that I will not be taught, or allowed to develop, any bad habits as I learn. His experience as an instructor and Pipe Major means that he always able to suggest a technique to overcome the inevitable roadblocks in the learning process.

Ron Seiler