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My Piping Services

I have over 35 years of experience piping for many different types of events. I have piped for hundreds of weddings and funerals and even more parties and celebrations. I don't recall ever repeating performances - very time out is a new experience. Let me help you plan your event to be totally unique!

My fee starts at $200 but can be negotiated either way. If the event runs for more than an hour or I have to travel a distance, the price would be negotiated up. If it is for charity of a worthwhile cause, it could be negotiated down.

Add a touch of class to your wedding by adding the fabulous sounds of the bagpipes.
A typical wedding may include piping in the guests before the ceremony, piping the bride down the aisle, playing a soft tune while signing the register, piping the new couple out of the church/hall and playing for the guests as they gather after the service is over.

Additional piping may be done at the banquet later in the day and could include piping in the newly married couple and putting on a display of music at some point. Any other scenario could be worked out depending on what everyone wants.

Whether you have Celtic ancestry or not, the bagpipes can either liven up a service or bring tears to everyone's eyes. My repertoire includes many people's favourite tunes from the past or from your favourite movies. Many ex-servicemen request the lament, "The Flowers of the Forest" while many people today prefer the lovely sounds of "Amazing Grace"

I can play for the guests as they arrive, play the favourite tune of your loved one at any time during the service, pipe the mourners to the grave site or just play a tune off under a tree somewhere in the background.

Robbie Burns Nights - January 25th, the "holiest" day for a piper!
Any Burns night is a very special event. I can play while guests arrive, pipe in the haggis and be a part of the entertainment package for the evening. Of course I am hoping for a free meal complete with haggis and a "wee dram" or two added into the contract!

Parties and Events
Anything goes here. I've played at many parties and events where people of all ages just love to hear the sound of the pipes.

CONTACT ME and I'll help you plan your event!